About Us

Southern Autorack is fully equipped to provide expert, cost effective railcar repair services. It's only natural for us, located in the heart of the Southern Automotive Corridor, to specialize in the repair and maintenance cycle of auto racks. We provide everything from light repairs and routine maintenance to upgrades and car modifications.

"...fully equipped to provide expert, cost effective railcar repair services."



"...centrally located to many major automotive manufacturing facilities."


Southern Autorack, with a complete parts inventory from AAR approved suppliers, provides minimal downtime for a wide variety of railcar repairs. Our highly skilled craftsmen, backed by years of experience, perform many repair functions including wreck repairs, car scrapping, brake testing and wheel replacement.


General Repairs and Maintenance • Wreck Repairs • Program Repairs • Light Fabrication • Upgrades and Modifications •

Wheel Set Replacement • Air Brake Testing and Repairs • Railcar Inspection Services • Estimate Generation

 "...M-1003 Certified Satellite Shop committed to safety and efficiency."

Management Team

SA Crew 4_16

Mark Smith — General Manager

Zach Roberts — Site/QA Manager

Russell Shelley — Production Manager

"...professionalism comes with experience. "

Core Values

Integrity • Teamwork • Efficiency • Quality • Dependability • Servanthood

"...excellence, expedited."